The LEGACYCAT 1600 IB DSV, whilst primarily a dive platform, provides the following amenities for its crew.

  • 2 x Sleeping bunks
  • 12 x Crew and Diver Seating 
  • Rinse Shower
  • Workshop Space
  • Flushing heads
  • Air-conditioning
  • Working Galley

To cater for the Oil and Gas field operations she has been fitted with a Surfer Bow for docking or transfer operations when up against Survey Vessels, Drill Rigs or FBO’s

 Dive systems

The last vessel constructed and delivered to specification was fitted out with a 3-man surface supply dive system  consisting of an air supply control station in the main cabin and equipped with a gas control system servicing up to 3 divers, a 19-inch rack containing the underwater communication and a video monitoring system to record work in progress.

OEM Equipment selected by the client is installed as per agreed layouts.

  • Hydraulic Marine Crane
  • LP Compressor
  • Hydraulic Welder (AC-DC)
  • LP water pump
  • HP Caviblaster
  • Surfer Bow Assembly
  • Air-conditioning
  • O2 in water decompression system
  • HP Breathing air compressor 

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