14.5m Dive Support Workboat

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) approached LMG in March of 2018 to quote on the manufacture of two 15.6m passenger transport vessels.

The pre-requisite was that the vessels be completed within a 22 week period so as to be ready in time for the Mozambique Cruise Ship season and the expected increased number of passengers.

These vessels are designed to ferry passengers from the cruise liners lying at anchor to the shore, for passenger day excursions. The vessels then return the passengers to the cruise ships before nightfall.

These Icarus Marine designed vessels have a seating capacity of 89 and are fitted with stepped retractable bow ramps for passengers disembarkation on the sandy shoreline. The vessels are powered by twin inboard 330hp Volvo Diesel Engines, each coupled to a Volvo Duopro DPH stern drive which propels the vessel at speeds up to 25knots.

LMG’s quotation was accepted by MSC, and the building of the two vessels commenced on 04th June 2018. The fully completed vessels then commenced sea trials on the 25th October 2018, well ahead of the MSC build deadline. After successful sea trials, MSC Barracuda and MSC Yellowfin were loaded onto an MSC container ship on 29 October 2018 to head off to their final destination in Pomene Mozambique where they are now performing brilliantly.

14.5m Dive Support Workboat on delivery
14.5m Dive Support Workboat moored on water
14.5m Dive Support Workboat in dock
The low draft capabilities of the Legacy Catamaran 14.5m Dive Support Workboat
Helm of the Legacy Catamaran 14.5m Dive Support Workboat
Dive controls
Air Regulation and Tanks onboard the legacy Cat 14.5m Dive Support Workboat

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